Gäuboden Folk Festival Straubing

For Bavaria’s Second Largest Beer Festival, 1.4 million visitors are expected again in mid-August. The Festival includes 7 beer-tents with about 27,000 seats, 130 attractions, as well as Bavaria’s largest consumer exhibition.

The year is 1812. The Grimm Brothers publish their first fairytales and Napoleon marches into Russia. That same year, the citizens of Straubing in Lower Bavaria (about 100 miles from Munich) organized their first agricultural festival. This was the birth of the “Straubinger Gäubodenvolksfest”. First intended to be an informative event for the rural population, it became Bavaria’s second largest folk festival during the course of two centuries, with an estimated 1.4 million annual visitors. In 1812, through his efforts, King Maximilian I. Joseph brought an agricultural festival to the lower Danube area for the citizens of Straubing promoting “welfare and happiness for Bavarians”. Initially the Straubingers had to alternately share hosting the festival with their neighbor cities Passau and Landshut. Therefore, in 1898 the Straubingers decided to organize their own festival. Even back then, 25,000 visitors came to the city of 17,000 inhabitants to celebrate.

Today, Straubing is a thriving city in the heart of Lower Bavaria. The Gäuboden Festival with its consumer exhibition became a megaevent unrivaled in Bavaria. Next year, during the eleven days of the festival between August 9th and August 19th, 1.4 million visitors are expected to enjoy the beer-tents and carnival rides. This number - 30 times the number of Straubing’s population – is an accomplishment that makes Straubing shine, nationwide.

„A Trumm vom Paradies“

„A Trumm vom Paradies“ – a piece of paradise – once described by regional poet Max Peinkofer about the Gäuboden festival. The considerably lower price of beer compared to that of Oktoberfest, for example, adds to this statement. The innkeepers of the beer-tents are expecting to sell more than 700,000 „Maß“ (1 liter of beer) each year. The well-being of the guests from near and far is especially emphasized. A large part of the benches in the seven beer-tents with their 27,000 seats are equipped with backrests for even more comfort. The spreading urge to reserve seats in the beer-tents of larger cities is reduced in Straubing: At least 40 percent of all the seats will be kept unreserved and on a first come first served basis.

More than 700 applicants

More than 700 carnival ride owners and stall holders apply every year for a spot at the 90,000 square meter amusement park. At the center of the “Gäubodenvolksfest”, visitors will have their choice of 130 attractions.

Historic festival ground:
A journey back to the past

Since 2012, when its 200th anniversary was celebrated, the festival has been going back to its roots on an annual basis. There is a historic area on the festival grounds, where visitors are able to experience the flair of the good ol’ days: a special beer-tent providing traditional Bavarian folk music “Gstanzl-Singen” and Bavarian dances such as “Schuhplatteln” accompanied by brass bands. There will even be an entire ox on a skewer to provide the guests’ with a unique culinary experience. Yesterday’s carnival rides will excite today’s visitors.

Every year, visitors can enjoy almost 3 kilometers worth of attractions on the classic and the historic festival grounds.

Bavaria’s biggest shopping mall, for nine days

The consumer exhibition “Ostbayernschau”, directly linked to the Gäuboden festival includes 60,000 square meters of exhibition space, 23,000 square meters of indoor space and 750 exhibitors, making it, presumably, Bavaria’s biggest shopping mall. Builders, hobby gardeners, farmers, housewives or connoisseurs of culinary specialties walk away with great deals.

Another unique trait of Germany’s second largest trade fair is that the 440,000 expected visitors can stroll and shop as long as they please without tickets. Admission to the “Ostbayernschau” always has been and will remain free!

Next Gäubodenvolksfest: 7th - 17th August 2020
Next Ostbayernschau: 8th - 16th August 2020


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